Welcome to Esther's Harley Street hypnotherapy practice where we strive to provide the most up to date, innovative techniques in Cognitive and Behavioural Hypnotherapy in order to address your issues and help you in every way you need.
In these modern times, men and women are constantly put under stress and strain to deliver more and to deliver faster than ever before. Hypnotherapy comes as one of the main tools to help you balance the necessities of modern life and succeed in all your endeavors, on a private and a professional level. After centuries of searching for an answer somewhere out there, it would seem that it has always been lying there, dormant in our mind and that all the resources we need are within ourselves.
The power of Hypnotherapy does not result in some magical or secret recipe, but with the capacity to reveal our own power to change and take control of our lives.
Whatever the issue: professional, personal, habitual,
whatever the subject: weight loss, motivation, anxiety etc.
We can help you.

Esther’s practice is situated on the renowned Harley Street, in the heart of the famous medical district. The nearest Tube stations are Regent's Park and Oxford Circus.

The appointments in Harley street, London are face-to-face, or via skype.

Please contact Esther for your free initial telephone consultation: 07816417322.